MacBook Air に Linuxをインストールする。 その4 (How to install Linux in MacBook Air ,Chapter 4)

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MacBook Air に Linuxをインストールする。 その4

How to install Linux in MacBook Air ,Chapter 4

Let's add expanded function to VirtualBox and make it a little more convenient.  

The following functions will become effective if this work is done.  
  1. マウスポインタの切り替えが自動になる。The change of a mouse pointer becomes automatic.
  2. ホストOS(OSX)との間でファイルのやり取りが出来る(共有フォルダ) The exchange of a file can be performed between host OS and guest OS.(Shared Folder)

メニューバーよりDevices > Install Guest Additions を実行します。
Choose and perform "Devices > Install Guest Additions" from a menu bar.  

Virtual CD is mounted, and A dialog is displayed [ whether it performs automatically and or not ]. Next, push the OK button.

The dialog of warning is displayed. Because it is of genuine software, maybe, it would be okay to perform. 

A general user cannot run this program,The dialog which requires an root's password is displayed.  The "ninsyousuru(A)" button is pushed after putting in an root's password.

After installation finishes, the message of the purport that integration of the mouse pointer was completed is displayed. And the OK button is pushed.
Now, even if it does not press the "Capture" key, a mouse pointer comes to change to guest OS automatically among Hosts OS.  

Press Return to close this window.

Finally, Eject CD.
メニューバーの Devices > CD/DVD Dvices > Remove disk from virtual drive を実行すると、仮想マウントされたCDが消えます。
Choose and perform "Devices > CD/DVD Dvices > Remove disk from virtual drive" from a menu bar.Then, CD disappears from a screen.

In Chapter 5, let's set up a shared folder.  


Raspberry Pi ユーザーガイド買ってきました。(I've bought a user's guide of Raspberry Pi)

From Evernote:

Raspberry Pi ユーザーガイド買ってきました。(I've bought a user's guide of Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry 財団のEbenさん著による、ユーザーズガイドです。http://www.impressjapan.jp/books/3374 
"はじめに"の章で、なぜRaspberry Piを作ったのかを熱く語っています。
It is a user's guide by the founder Eben of a Raspberry foundation. 
It is being told hotly why Raspberry Pi was made from the chapter of the "Intorduction"  

確かに、スマホの設定や、オンラインゲームの攻略、DVDレコーダーの使いこなし… どれも子供たちにはかなわない。
マイクロソフトオフィスの奇麗なレイアウトや、プレゼンテーションも… 若手社員にかなわない。
How much is there any child who can make programming and an easy electronic circuit in children these days?  
I do not match children about how to use a setup of smart phone, capture of an online game, and a DVD recorder. 
And clean layout of Microsoft Office, presentations, good will towards the younger employees than me.

でも、それって10年後に何の立つの? って、漠然に思っていました。
But, Is it something useful after 10 years? I thought so.

The time when I was a child, My friend was reading "KODOMO NO KAGAKU (the child's science)".  I attached the antenna to the roof of a house and heard foreign broadcast.I played with Citizen's Band with my friend.Although it was the country, when I went to the town, there were the several electronic-components stores.And,In the store, there was a coil and transistor, and amateur radio that I was longing.It was in an environment ideal for me.

A time flows, 
Using the PC, moved to age to use to buy the software from the age of handmade soft. and,
It is not good for anything in the role may study binary, those who learned how to play the border in EXCEL can do than that.
People with the same idea have increased in number.  

Therefore, I did not teach a my daughter how to use a soldering iron. 
(As another reason, they were not interested in electronics. ) 

Raspberry Pi がある。

But the children in 2013 have
Raspberry Pi,and
He(She) can buy electronic components with RS online shop.  and
People who do not have senior who advise the neighborhood, he(she) can ask a question online.


I feel the future is bright.
I will try hard within limits where I can also do it.  

公園の草取り Weeding of a park

Early in the morning, I was weeding the park with friends of the neighborhood community association.
Neighborhood association is doing this work every month,
The charge of my neighborhood association is in June.

 Therefore, it was the just right weather.
And,There is little grass.
Weeding was completed in an instant. 

Thank you for the friend of a neighborhood association.